How to add page rank button on your Site or Blog? - latest tech tips

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How to add page rank button on your Site or Blog?

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Do you want people to know what your Google Page Rank is? Google Page Rank is a rating which shows popularity of your website in the Cyber world. A higher page rank is the most sought after thing in the Cyber space.

Pagerank is given from 0 to 10 and to know more about what each page rank signifies read How to check popularity of your website in the world? which will help you understand where exactly do you stand and what it really means to get a good page rank. If you have a pagerank from 1 to 10 and you want to display it in your website just follow these steps:
  1. Just visit and verify your page rank
  2. Just put your website address and check your page rank.
  3. Once the page rank is displayed, you will see the page rank status icons for your website.
  4. Also below the page rank you will find the option to create your own page rank button.
  5. Just click on the link and generate page rank button.
  6. Choose from the three options available and paste the available code in the part of the blog where you want it to be displayed.
Having a 0 page rank means you are still unranked, but you can still generate code to embed in your website. If you use this tip to add Page Rank button in your website then please post it in the comments, our readers would be really very happy and excited to add it too in there websites. I will soon add it to our blog.

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