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Does using Blogger Blogspot help you from SEO view point?

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Are you planning to create a new blog? Are you going to decide to use Blogger just because you think your blog will be indexed everyday as the service belongs to Google? Think again.

Personally I like Blogger but I have never tried word press. But I have defenetly read hundreds of articles which suggest Wordpress blogs have many cool widgets which blogger does not have and also the wordpress blogs look more professional in look and feel though Bloggers New Template Designer is also very good.

But the key question is does Blogger help you from Search Engine View point? The simple answer to it is a big no. Google would not index your blog regularly just because you use there service. From my experience following points are very important to make sure Google indexes your website regularly.

  1. Update your blog at least once a Day, The more the better.
  2. Many blogs are updated several times a day to keep the Google Bot busy.
  3. This also helps regular visitors come back again and again.
  4. Always keep in mind content is King, try to have quality posts rather than quantity.
I hope I have tried to answer your question in a simpler way as possible.

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