Can Google ever promote IE, Mozilla or Safari browsers? - latest tech tips

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Can Google ever promote IE, Mozilla or Safari browsers?

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Do you think Google would ever promote Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari? If you think No then think again.

Today I logged into my Gmail account and due to some huge downloading going on I chose to load gmail basic HTML view. Gmail promptly asked me why am I using the basic HTML view? Gmail also gave me an option to upgrade to the latest faster browser.

When I clicked on the upgrade to latest fast browser, what I saw in the next screen really surprised me. Apart from Google Chrome, the page had download options for, FireFox, IE and Safari browsers.

Well the main reason to show all the four options is because Gmail supports all the four browsers and the list without a surprise places Google Chrome first. Google gives indirectly first priority to Chrome but also plays a balancing act by placing other browsers subsequently.

You can actually check this here to cross check here. Let me know if you find something more surprising.

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