2.5 K unique readers from 87 Countries to Latest Tech Tips blog. - latest tech tips

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2.5 K unique readers from 87 Countries to Latest Tech Tips blog.

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I was so busy blogging that I never paid attention to the number of visits and countries people visited my blog from. Now that my blog is de-listed from Google search indexing, I found time to look at the statistics.

I was shocked to see the popularity of my blog when I saw it had 2500+ unique visors from 87 countries around the world i.e. almost half of the world. I am sure if this de-listing incidence would not have happened, "Latest Tech Tips" would have crossed 100 countries very easily.

This is one thing which has reignited my spirit to continue blogging. As our Indian mythology says "कर्म किये जा, फल की अपेक्षा मत कर" i.e. Focus on your karma and don't bother about the result. This is very tough in this fast world but if you don't have the patience to survive its better to give up. And giving up is not what Harshad Sonaje does.

So guys weather Google indexes my blog or not I will continue to share my knowledge and build the strongest achieve of free resources, knowledge and tips around the entire web. I hope Google does not end up deleting my blog to dampen my spirits.

Still I love Google as Google is the main reason why I have gained whatever knowledge in Computer Science in the last 10 years. I hope things workout for the good. And people now that Google has stopped its support I request for your support. Please share these articles with your friends and colleagues through the options available for sharing.

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