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Twitter Rules you must know explained in simple language?

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If you aggressively follow people for your business or twitt a lot than normal or use objectionable profile images beware twitter is going to heavily penalize by suspending your account permanently.

Here is a list of twitter rules you must be aware of to be safe:
  1. Proxy Profile: If you have an account with some celebrities name and you are fooling people chances are your account will be closed without prior notice.
  2. Respect Privacy: You are not allowed to publicly post private information of other.
  3. Threat: You cannot threat somebody or use twitter as an underworld mafia promotion tool.
  4. Verified Batch: I know mostly celebrities get verified but if you are fooling your friends with fake twitter verified logo in your profile image or in any other form then beware you are under huge risk of getting kicked out of twitter community.
  5. Pornography: This is straight forward but still you must know that you are not allowed to post anything sexually abusive over twitter, stop using twitter as flesh trade promotion mechanism too.
These are some of the most important rules you must know. For a detailed list see this. Hope you know the rules, please follow them and continue uninterrupted twitting.

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