Mysterious Google Tricks: Part 1: UncleSam - latest tech tips

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Mysterious Google Tricks: Part 1: UncleSam

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There are many Google tricks which we are not aware of and some of them are mysterious in a way. I am go to start a series from this post of all the Mysterious Google tricks I find out hence fourth.

I just came to know about this mysterious Google funda. Just go to Google. Type in "unclesam" without quotes. And press I am feeling lucky? You will be redirected over here.

UncleSam searches all the information presented in US Governments websites with .gov domain. I don't think anything confidential can be searched as Google can only index the data which is publicly accessible. But you never know if something private is temporarily made public and that was the same time when Google indexed the data.

Confidential or not this is a mysterious Google trick for sure. Are you aware of any such tricks.

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