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Latest Top 3 Windows 7 Tricks you must know!

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Did you ever feel that you should be able to lock any program in the Windows Task Bar of your choice or align windows as per your choice or minimize all the windows in background with just a click. I will show you how to do all this in very easy steps.

Windows 7 is that OS which MS should have delivered instead of Vista, it much more stable than Vista and looks really promising and has a lot of features which help users to reduce the click-o-meter considerably.

Let me show how the above mentioned things are done in Windows 7:
  1. How to lock any Program in Windows Task Bar? For this just open the app of your choice and right click on the icon of the app in the Task Bar. You will see option to Pin it to Task Bar and it will be locked in your Task Bar until you unpin it.
  2. How to align a running application window to left, right? This is really cool feature all you need to do is open the app and press Windows + ← key or Windows + → of left and right alignment. This way you can put two windows side by side.
  3. How to minimize all the windows of background application? This is another cool feature of Windows 7 just open the application of your choice click @ the top most header of the application and shake the mouse left and right like we shake bottle, you will notice all the background running applications are minimized instantly.
As I mentioned this is just a start of the series, If you have any trick which you would like to share just leave a comment. You can also find your PC rating this way and many more generic Windows Tricks are here.

Enjoy Windows 7

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  1. This are the common information. But I like your site because you write articles in easy words with screenshots. I bookmarked your site. Great job man. Keep it on.Thanks


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