How to use Google's Wonder Wheel effectively? - latest tech tips

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How to use Google's Wonder Wheel effectively?

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Did you ever get a chance to check the new Wonder in Google search the Wonder Wheel? If not yet then give it a try it was kind of love at first sight for me. It is basically a semantically relevant graphical representation of your search results in the form of mind maps. In a way a search result is represented like tentacles of an octopus.

Wonder wheel tries to broadly categories your search result into available categories in the data repository which is created after indexing billions of Web Pages every day. An example could be say you type in Baseball. The wonder wheel will give you a graphical representation of the search results which will include other form of baseball i.e. softball, history of baseball, base ball rules, baseball games etc.

These categories help you focus on exactly what you want to search in baseball and you will be further taken to a wonder wheel in that specific category. All this helps you to have a much focused approach on your search results. If you want to go back to the previous wonder wheel just click on the faded previous wonder wheel and it will be instantly loaded back.

Now how to use it? Just follow these simple steps as always:

  1. Just go to Google and search for the content you intend to.
  2. Allow the results to load.
  3. Once loaded check the left categories tree with lot of options.
  4. In that you will find an option called Wonder wheel just below standard view option.
  5. Just click on it and the wonder wheel is loaded.
  6. Now you are free to play around with it.
One thing to note here is the algorithm sometimes puts some results which we think might be irrelevant in the wonder wheel, it may be an issue or intentionally done I am not sure. Will let you all know if I find it out. Another good thing about this tool is it keeps the conventional search results in the right side of the view just in case we have to use them. Don’t forget to comment your experience good or bad with the wonder wheel. Find many more Google Tricks over here.

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