How to customize (reorder) your search results using Google Star? - latest tech tips

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How to customize (reorder) your search results using Google Star?

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Did you ever feel a particular link should appear first when you search for something in Google? Google is constantly improving itself and in the quest to make searches more relevant to the user Google has introduced a new functionality I call it Google Start Rating don’t know what it’s called but defiantly know what it does.

Now you can make your favorite link to come at the top of search results just by clicking a small star which appears in the search results. To activate this functionality you need to login to your Google Account and then do the searches.

When you click on the transparent star it turns yellow and behind the scenes it prioritizes your started link result at the top of the search result. If you want to again get normal search results either you logoff from Google account or use a different Browser to Google search in case you still want to remain logged into Google account.
Just to give you an example search for latest tech tips. Generally our blog gets listed in top 5 results in the first page but if you want it to come first just click on the transparent star and you are all set. Its really very simple. Find many such Google Tricks in here

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