How to submit (add) your website to Google for indexing? - latest tech tips

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How to submit (add) your website to Google for indexing?

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Not only is it important to have a good website with rich content but there should be a way for people to reach your site and one of the major source of traffic would be Google search. I should have included this tech tip long ago but better late than never.

You can easily submit your site to Google by visiting this Google site submission URL. Just follow the simple steps on the page and and click on Add URL button and you are done.

This process put your site in the queue for getting indexed. It may take few days or even weeks to start coming up in search results but its better late than never.

Learn how to submit your website to Bing search or Yahoo search.
Its all really easy and you should do it immediately if you have a good brand new site.


  1. I Added My Blog to Google Search Accordind to Your Post Tutorial.

    My Blog: Tech Period | All About Technology & Web

  2. I checked your blog its already Indexed now...Enjoy...


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