How to improve your website blog speed using Page Speed? - latest tech tips

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How to improve your website blog speed using Page Speed?

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I love blogging and I am a great fan of Google as well, I am spending hours together to do research on how can I improve my blogs performance without spending a single rupee () or $.

I have written few post on how to improve your websites performance for free. I also like to share all that knowledge in this blog. Today I came across a tool called "Page Speed" a Firefox add-on which sits on top of Firebug, looks like it is developed by Google.

I was using Page Speed and I got a score of 82 out of 100. I ran the same test on Google which got 91 out of 100. If Google gets 91 then I would regard a score of 82 fairly decent. So here is how you can use PageSpeed.
  1. First start surfing in Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Install Page Speed.
  3. Click on the small bug which appears in the bottom right corner of Firefox.
  4. Click on the page speed Tab and click on Analyze Performance.
  5. Check the score and also the report which is just below the score.
  6. You can improve your blog or website based on the analysis report being presented to you.
  7. Report is categorized into three categories working fine, moderate performance buster and needs immediate attention.
  8. You can hover over individual point to find out the individual score of each point.
Score interpretation:



0 - 45


46 - 80


80 - 100


Please don't be dis appointed if you get a low score. Its an opportunity for you to improve your websites performance. Also note that sometimes the scores vary from time to time for the same site as the websites are constantly updated now a days.

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