How to hide your files and folders in Windows OS for free? - latest tech tips

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How to hide your files and folders in Windows OS for free?

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Do you have confidential information on your computer or stuff you do not want to share with anybody. So what do you do if you have very sensitive data on your laptop or computer and you are traveling, how do you safeguard your data?

Just follow these steps to protecting your folders and files if you use Windows.
  1. Download Safehouse explorer software's free version.
  2. Once you load the application just click on New Volume(Folder) and click Next.
  3. Choose the location of a folder where you want to create this Volume and also a file name to identify it.
  4. As per your need allocate size for the vault.
  5. Choose a password and retype it also check your password strength.
  6. Re verify all the details and click Create Volume.
  7. Once you are done you will notice a new temporary drive is created use that drive to store all your files, you can put any kind of file in it.
  8. Once you are done just close the Safe house window and the temp drive will disappear.
Check out the demo video for more details.

Safe house Explorer encrypts the passwords with 256 bit encryption which is very strong for home users. It even works on Windows 7 so just sit back and be assured about your files or folders in windows.

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