How to find free storage space left in Gmail and Picasa? - latest tech tips

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How to find free storage space left in Gmail and Picasa?

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Google started the revolution of free email storage space upto 1 GB which was followed by many other email service providers.
Here is a list of Google's Free storage space facts:
  1. Free storage space is specific and different for each of Google's products.
  2. Picasa Web Albums offers 1 GB of storage for photos and videos only.
  3. Gmail provides 7+ GB (and counting) which is reserved just for Gmail messages.
  4. Docs gives you 1 GB for everything: all of your docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and uploaded files.
  5. Free storage from one product cannot be used by or transferred to another product.
If you want to find out how much you have consumed from the free storage just follow these simple steps:
  1. Visit the link
  2. Put your Gmail id and password if not already logged in.
  3. You will instantly find out storage space left in Gmail, Picasa and Google Docs.
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