How to explore the space using Google Sky? - latest tech tips

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How to explore the space using Google Sky?

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Do you like space, stars, planets and the galaxies? Do you want to know how the stars look like or the planets look like in the real universe? Are you aware that Google can let you even search the stars in the sky?

There is a fantastic feature in Google which allows you to search for stars. Just go to Google Sky and type in your favorite star, planet galaxy and Google will locate it for you in the infinite space.
You can even check out our nine planets and how they actually look up-close. I was thrilled to see them so real as though you can touch them in your PC.

You can see the solar system and its planets easily, the Constellations, Hubble Showcase, Backyard Astronomy, Chandra X-Ray Showcase, GALEX Ultraviolet Showcase, Spitzer Infrared Showcase at the bottom of the screen.

Also there is a feature which lets you see the sky with Infrared light, Microwave light and Historical sky (The way the prehistoric imagined the stars and Gods in space.

I just loved it. I hope you liked it too. I will soon update you all with the distance calculation the exact location of the stars and much more later.
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