How to enable your blog or website to load lightning fast? - latest tech tips

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How to enable your blog or website to load lightning fast?

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Do you know the best websites in the world load on any machine in the world in less than 5 seconds? How much time does it take for your website or blog to load on any normal PC with minimum memory and poor bandwidth? If it takes more than 15 seconds you need help.

If it take more than 15 seconds to load any website people simply jump to something else. No matter how good your content is if the website is bulky no body will ever see it and even the search engines will find it very difficult to index your websites or blog.

Having said all that what is it that you can do to prevent this from ever happening? Well luckily there are many ways and one is described in How to check your sites performance on Mobile devices? This article will help you get a detailed analysis of your website from a mobile device point of view.

What has your website got to do with mobile devices? Well if you optimize your website to a mobile device it will defiantly load very fast on any computer and help your readers to see the content very fast.

The major culprit for any websites slow performance are the images in it. It is always good to have good images but if they are very bulky and large it will badly hamper your websites overall size. Try and remove all the images which are more than 20 KB if you don't want to remove them shrink the size of the images.

Another easy trick to load your website fast is to eliminate the background image in your website. Those images distract the viewers and also are generally take hundreds of KBs just get rid of them, if you see many successful websites you will observe there are no background images. Instead you can use soothing background colors which are more effective.

One more major improvement you can do to improve your websites performance is remove broken links or many unnecessary hyperlinks if you have many hyperlinks your content will look like an Advertisement and people will not even bother to read it.

The mantra for a fast website is simple design, less but appealing images which compliment your content, and hyperlinks which are there only if necessary. Hope you like this article and will implement it to improve your websites performance.

Also read: Blogger Tricks and SEO Tricks to get more traffic on your website. Always remember these golden words "Content is King".

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