How to enable easy Comments for your blog readers in BlogSpot? - latest tech tips

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How to enable easy Comments for your blog readers in BlogSpot?

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Getting comments good or bad is every blogger's wish and making people sign in, put word verification and then allow to submit is something not every reader would be comfortable in doing.

Comments not only indicate reader’s interests in a particular article but also make lot of people read your complete article and morally compel them to express their opinion as well. Which is really very good for you to get loads of feedback.

You can easily miss very valuable feedback of you have enabled such constraints just for adding comments. Not only this it might also create a negative impression in the persons mind about your website or blog and will not visit again or come again with a mindset of not thinking to add a comment.

If you have many visitors and you risk that anybody can add abusive posts then you always have an option of moderating all the comments before publishing and that really work well.

So how can you enable easy comments for your blog? Here is how you can easily do it.

  1. Log in your blogger account
  2. Select settings in the blog you want to enable easy comments.
  3. Select Comments tab.
  4. Select anyone in who can comments setting.
  5. Select Always for Comment Moderation if you want to moderate each comment before publishing.
  6. Select No for Word verification for comments setting.

This is not a guarantee to start getting loads of comments but you will surely not miss valuable comments and feedback due to such unnecessary constraints.

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