How to create email alert for updates on any website in the world? - latest tech tips

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How to create email alert for updates on any website in the world?

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If you are very much interested in contents of a particular website and want to subscribe to it via email on all its latest updates and that website has no such facility, you can create an email alert of your own.

Just follow these steps to create email alerts for a website of your choice:
  1. Just go to Google.
  2. Type in a query site:[website name] press return. example
  3. At the end of search result you will find the option to Create an email alert for example Create an email alert for
  4. Just click on the link you will find options to get updates from that website. You can get daily, Weekly, Monthly or As and when they happen updates.
  5. If you do not get the Create an email alert option mentioned in Step 3 at the end of the search result. just click here and put site name as specified in Step 2 and follow Step 4.
This uses Google Alert service which is used world wide for getting updates. Now you can stay updated on any public websites in the world. I am soon going to add email subscription for our blog so don't worry, till then you can use this method for subscribing to Latest Tech Tips. For many more Google Tricks click here.

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