How to check your sites performance on Mobile devices? - latest tech tips

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How to check your sites performance on Mobile devices?

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Do you know millions of people use internet over Mobile phones? Is your web site Mobile friendly? Do you want to know your website performance score on mobile devices? I know its difficult for every webmaster to have mobile as well as regular version of a website. But what if the website is optimized in such a way that it works fairly on both the medias.

To increase the performance of your website it is essential to check various factors such as images, content etc on your site and this tech tip will show you where exactly you stand in mobile market (performance wise).

  1. Just go to the web site put your website address and click on check.
  2. Your website will be evaluated on various parameters and a final simulated result of your websites performance will be shown to you.
  3. You will also be shown the areas where you need to improve and the severity and failures are categorized as per severity.

The ideal standard for a mobile website is to have around 20 KB - to 30 KB of data 10 KB for images and 10 - 20 KB for content. These standards are very difficult to meet for a regular website(non mobile version).

Personally I feel any web site from 80 KB to 160 KB is ideal enough for people to access it from mobile phones. The major reason for websites slow performance is the images in it. I do agree that images make websites more attractive but if they make website to load slow nobody will see them. One thing I would always suggest to you all is have images but check the images sizes as well. It would be great to have images less than 15 KB on your front page.

The advantage of performance tuning is not only you will increase the source(mobile) of your website visits but also your website will load lightning fast on general PC making your regular readers very happy. Our blog has started getting traffic from various sources iPhones, Regular cell phones etc and that made me check performance of this blog on cell phone.

When I ran this test i was shocked to see my home page was around 1 MB in size I tried a lot of performance tuning and now it is around 490 KB. When I tested it on my mobile phone with GPRS it loaded in half the time it use to load earlier. There is still a long way to go but the start is very good for sure. I will defiantly share my experiences and tips as to how I performance tuned this blog in upcoming articles. I learnt a huge lesson today. Hope you also follow suit.

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