How to check Top Bollywood Actors using Google Insights? - latest tech tips

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How to check Top Bollywood Actors using Google Insights?

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Google insights is a tool which gives an idea of popularity of a search term from a value of 0 to 100. 0 being least popular and 100 being most popular. The tool follows some complex algorithm which normalizes the data and presents it in the scale of 0 to 100.

I quickly thought it would be great if I put top 5 Bollywood actors in the Google Insights and to my surprise I found strange search patterns.

Do you want to find out whats the result, just follow theses steps:
  1. Login to any Google account Gmail, Picasa, Docs ets (Reason for logging in is you will see more data when you are logged in)
  2. Just click on this link here.
  3. You will instantly see who is the most popular Bollywood actor since 2004.
  4. It was surprising to see that bollywood actors are more searched in Pakistan than in India.
  5. You can play around with different filters to refine your query.
  6. Filters such as Region, Time line, Categories can be changed to see the interest of the targeted audiences.
  7. Lastly you can run this experiment with top Bollywood actresses as well.
About Google Insights: SEO Tip
Its a Beta product. This tool can be used to understand the interests of people around the world to help blog authors to target what kind of content they should write in there blogs to attract many visitors. Though this is just a small tip, its really very helpful.

Always remember one thing no matter how many visitors you get, making them glued to your articles is a very difficult thing, making them come back to your site is even more difficult. Make sure you embed this thumb rule in your mind if you are a blogger "Content is King", those three golden words are the most important.If your content is unique and appeals to your targeted readers then no one can stop you from being popular.

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