How to add search box for your blog without any coding? - latest tech tips

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How to add search box for your blog without any coding?

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The most important reason for a person to stay connected to your blog is to enable him to search your blog, many people ignore this and complain they do not get loyal visitors (visitors who come again and again). It has never been so simple to add a simple search to your blogspot and today I will how you how.

Just follow the below steps to add a search box in blogspot:
  1. Login to your blogger account.
  2. Select Design
  3. Choose the section of the layout you want to place the search bar.
  4. Click on Add A Gadget and go to Basics category.
  5. Choose search from your blog.
  6. Click on the blue plus icon (seen in image 2) and you are done.
Some Facts:
The search is as expected powered by Google and is performed on the pages indexed by Google. If you have added a webpage recently it might not appear immediately. It will appear once yor page gets indexed, since now a days Google bots visits a blog once or twice a day for indexing you do not have to worry about this factor.

Hope you liked this article let me know if you had any difficulty.FYI I have used the same search box.Do share your experience with us. Find many more Blogger Tricks here.


  1. Here you can use more advanced search box with ajax for blogger site....
    Google Ajax Search Widget for Blogger

  2. That's an interesting concept ..I will surely give it a try...Thanks for stopping by...


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