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Very useful and unknown Windows shotcut keys.

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Well if you honestly ask your self what is more convenient way to work by Pressing CTR + C and CTRL + V to do the copy paste operation or right click mouse select Copy option and then again go the desired location and again do the same for paste, 99% people would agree using shortcut keys is more simple and fast.Using shortcuts keys really improves our productivity to a large extent, and if we know most of the shortcuts keys we can easily minimize the usage of mouse and save a lot of time in our day to day stuff.

I have listed down few of the mostly used and few unknown shortcut keys which will help you immensely.

# Short Cut Description
1 ALT + Tab Switch between windows
2 ALT + Space + X Maximize window
3 CTRL + Shift + Esc Task Manager
4 Windows key + Break System properties
5 Windows key + F Search
6 Windows key + D Hide/Display all windows
7 Alt + Esc Switch between running applications
8 Alt + letter Select menu item by underlined letter
9 Ctrl + Esc Open Program Menu
11 Alt + F4 Quit active application or close current window
12 F1 Open Help for active application
13 Windows + M Minimize all open windows
14 Shift + Windows + M Undo minimize all open windows
15 Windows + F1 Open Windows Help
16 Windows + Tab Cycle through the Taskbar buttons
17 Windows + Break Open the System Properties dialog box

Hope this is useful for ya..

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