How to submit your website for indexing to Microsoft Bing? - latest tech tips

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How to submit your website for indexing to Microsoft Bing?

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Many web designers follow SEO techniques to get listed on Google and they successfully even do it. But one very important thing to understand here is that there is also a huge world beyond Google and it is always handy to get your website indexed through other popular search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

One such technique I am going to tell you is how to check if your website is indexed in Bing and other is what to do if it is not. Please follow the below steps check and to get you website indexed if not already indexed.

  1. Go to
  2. Just type site: and complete website address and submit.
  3. If you find your site in searches it means it is indexed if not then its not yet indexed.
  4. If not Go to
  5. Follow the instructions put your address and submit.
  6. You are all done.
Once you submit your URL it does not mean that your site will start appearing in Bings search results immediately it will take some time for all this to happen but at least you have initiated the process.


  1. nice posts harshad .. I like some of your posts which are short and to the point. Keep up .

    I will like to see a post about "how to collect all your blog comments from different web sites"

    eg: I post my blog on facebook , general internet etc . Some people comment on facebook , some on my blog I want them to be synchronized and avail at the same place :) May be you might come across something :) Cheers !

  2. Thanks for the appreciation..

    Well I ll try to have that post as you said but before that check if this link
    solves your problem.

  3. It took Latest Tech Tips 8 - 10 days to get indexed in Bing.


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