How to enable realtime page views on blogspot or any website? - latest tech tips

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How to enable realtime page views on blogspot or any website?

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Can you imagine what a kick you will get and your moral will be boosted when people from around the world visit your blog.

If you are curious who is visiting your blog or website? From where is the visitor coming from? What is the source of the traffic? All this without actually logging into any application and that too real time plus you want it free then there is a simple solution to this.

There is a site called Following are the steps you need to follow to enable this application for your site. All these steps ideally take not more than 30-40 seconds so don't worry.
  1. Visit
  2. Register yourself it take 10 seconds for registration and its free.
  3. Then select your display preferences and type of site i.e Blogspot, Wordpress any other site etc.
  4. If you are already Signed into your blogger account you will directly see the Add element screen.
  5. If you have multiple blogs choose the blog on which you want to add the live feed.
  6. Press on Add Widget. You will be redirected to design mode of your blog you can rearrange the added widget to the location of your choice.
  7. You are Done now you can see the inflow of traffic on your site.
  8. Click on Real time view to see real time flow of traffic enjoy.
Hope this article is useful for you.
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