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How to embede Google Ads in blogspot posts

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Just as people visiting your website or blog is very important, getting a better Click-Through-Rate or CTR and revenue out of your content is also important. If you feel the Ads shown in your blog are not relevant to the most recent posts what would you do?

Well how about embedding Ad-sense block inside your posts, don't you think the Ads would be most relevant and to the point? If you are wondering how you would do that then here is a simple trick.

Just embed the below code inside your post in HTML mode.


<div style="float: left;">Put your AdSense code here</div>

Write all your content here so that the Adsense block is surrounded by you content


This will make sure things are wrapped around your post and relevant ads are shown.
This will not only help you get better ads but better CTR as well.

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