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How to edit photos in picasa web:Picnic?

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I always felt that there should be a quick way of editing photos when we are using Picasa web without opening the Desktop tool of Picasa. I was told by my friend Peeyush about a new enhancement in Picasa called Picnic but due to some reason I could not look into it.

Today when I was uploading my paintings in my blog I went to Picasa web and saw that fancy Blue icon and just out of curiosity I clicked on it, and to my surprise it loaded the new Picnic Functionality.I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the simplicity of the UI and how quickly you can edit things in it. One of the very powerful features in Google Picnic is Auto Fix its a magical button which instantly enhances your picture quality.There are two tabs:
Edit Tab: Lets you auto-size, crop, change image brightness and contrast editing, color setting etc.Create Tab: Lets you add frames,effect, stickers one interesting feature in this tab is the teeth whitening which is very effective. Here is an example of AutoFix feature see how the image quality enhances.
Before Auto Fix After Auto Fix
Before Auto fix After Auto Fix
The more you explore Picnic the more you will love it.


  1. Hey thanks for such great information, can you also put some more details in each tab you have mentioned

  2. Most of the services in Picasa Picnic are free but there are also paid services for advance usage.


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