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Be environment friendly switch to Blackle!

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There is a study which says that every Google search which returns result in less than 1 second emits 0.2 Gms of CO2 which is close to running a modern car for 5 feet it might now sound astonishing, but imagine 200 Million users logging in each day.

See this example:
  1. 1000000000 * 5 = 5000000000 feet car runs
  2. i.e approx 1524000 kms
  3. i.e 952500 miles
  4. i.e 38099 gallons of fuel burnt t run that car (@ 25 miles per gallon) each day just by Google.
  5. This is like burning 1 or 2 Airbus 380's filled with fuel (if they are used as containers)

Oh my God that's huge..and these are just estimates. But the problem is this energy is much lesser than energy consumed by our own PC for displaying that search result to us in Google. This is because Google's search result is mostly white and white takes a lot of energy to display.

If you want to contribute your bit for the environment then switch to custom Google search engine called This search displays everything in black and hence very less energy is consumed.

Be ECO friendly save our Mother earth do your bit for her.


  1. Nice! And you can Google in black too on your mobile phone at to save energy and recharge less.

  2. Hey Thanks..I will definitely add your suggestion in the post.


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