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What are cookies?

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Cookies is a cute word and very useful element in the internet world but they may put you in a spot of bother if you do not take necessary steps to be sage in the internet world.

Cookies are small files that contain various kind of information that can be read by a websites when you visit them. The usual usage is to track demographics for advertising agencies that want to see just what kinds of consumers a certain site is attracting. Web sites also use cookies to keep your account information up-to-date. Then for instance when you visit your e-mail web-based account without being unlogged some hours later, you find yourself being logged on, even if you turn off your computer.

Your login and password was simply stored on your harddrive in cookie file. This is security threat, in case that there is more persons who have the access to your computer.
Most of the browsers offer the possibility to turn off the cookies, but some of sites like Hotmail.com require them to be turned on. In case you decided to allow cookies, at least never forget to log off from the websites when you're finishing visiting them.

Few Tips:
  1. Never forget to Log out from any application you login to avoid storage of cookies on your hard disk drive.
  2. Always clear browsing history once you are done with internet surfing.
Happy surfing

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