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Security Tips for Orkut from Orkut!

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Orkut has listed down multiple precautions we can follow to protect our accounts computers from being compromised.
Following is the summary of them:
  1. Log off: Once you are done especially if your are using a shared computer.
  2. Password: Never disclose it to anyone. You never know what people can do when they are kidding..
  3. Personal data: Never post it unless you want to boast yourself and then repent..
  4. Trust: Don't trust everyone.I am not saying anyone...
  5. Access: Don't forget that you can use different privacy features to restrict who's allowed to see or comment on your content.
  6. Inappropriate content: Never post and report abuse if you find it abusing.
These are few tips which can help you be safe..I have seen many friends whose accounts get hacked and misused as they disclosed there passwords to there friends..So be safe and enjoy orkut securely.

Few more security tips are here

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