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Latest Tech Tips: Top 5 Google Apps

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Google has revolutionized the way we access the internet and there are some killer apps which you can use for daily purposes. I have picked my Top 5

iGoogle: iGoogle is a quick way of creating a dashboard with various Google apps. iGoogle can be accessed using . You can create you own dashboard from 1000+ Google apps. And get all the information you want on your finger tips. See below example.

Google History: Google history keeps track of the search queries in Google which you do. It records all the history only when you are signed in. The biggest advantage of Google History is that yo can sort your searched in various categories such as
  1. Web
  2. Images
  3. News
  4. Products
  5. Sponsored Links
  6. Video
  7. Maps
  8. Blogs
  9. Books
You can access history at

Google Docs: Google docs helps you manage your files in various folders and also lets you the ability to share your files with various user over the internet. This way you can share and store your important files. Get hooked to Google Docs @

Google Alerts: If you want to be aware of a news and artifacts happening around the world as and when it happens and you don't want to search for it you can user Google alert service which will notify you with the news and events as and when they will happen. All you need to do is configure the alert criteria and specify your mail address.

Crate your own alert @

Google Reader: If you follow many blogs and want a one point where you can view all the content you follow and all the latest updates happening then Google Reader is a solution for you. It can be accessed at It also indicates lot of statistical information on how many times you visited blogs you follow, how many links you bookmarked so on and so forth.

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