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INCEPTION: Epic Movie of a lifetime.

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You must be wondering what is a movie review doing in a tech blog. Well I just saw the movie yesterday and I could not resist putting it in here. Inception is a SCI-FI movie with concept you can't even dream of.

The whole movie revolves around a persons capability to actually architect a dream and plant it into someone else-es mind. All this is done to get information from the victims mind. Leonardo has performed so well that I don't have words to describe his performance. The meaning of inception is "The beginning of something".

The concept of the movie is all about human's subconscious mind and how powerful it is and how we do not use our brains to its full potential, its thinking power and creativity. The reason why we dream is because we don't use our brains full potential and dream is the way in which the brain tries utilizing its complete potential.

You will be made to think beyond your regular thinking capacity. When the interval happened it was shocking to see that nobody moved from there seats and everyone had a ? on there face. After a long time I have seen such a movie which connects with you for every second passing.

I am not going to tell any story of the movie as everyone will paints his own picture based on ones imagination and think capacity. The end of the movie is completely open and it is up to the viewer to imagine the end.

When I walked out me and my wife both had different opinions. It is hard to understand this movie in one shot but I would recommend you to watch it at least once this movie is a dream for sure...I feel I understood the movie, Did you? You can comment your understanding..

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