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How to ensure safe browsing for free?

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Do you know how to ensure how safe the sites in Google's search result are? As much is internet useful it is equally dangerous we all know. Internet is a major source spy ware, worms, viruses. You must be wondering how wonderful it would be if you know in advance if a site is safe or not and that too for free.

Well there is a great solution for you. There is a plug-in for IE and Firefox called McAfee SiteAdvisor

This utility displays a site rating in front of every Google search results. Following is the meaning of each site rating.
McAfee Safe: Safe, Green: Low risk, Yellow: Minor Risks and Red: Serious Risks

Just go to the site and download the exe and install it. Once you install close your browser and restart it. Your browser Mozilla or IE will have below search bar similar to Google which indicates successful installation of SiteAdvisor .

Now you do Google search and wait for few seconds you will see some thing like below.

You can always check a particular site in the search bar below and get instant site rating to ensure and enjoy safe browsing.

Always Remember "Prevention is always better than cure"

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