How to enable Blogger stats for your blog? - latest tech tips

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How to enable Blogger stats for your blog?

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If you want to know who is visiting your blog, from which country the visitor has come or how popular is your blog then all your questions are answered with Blogger stats. It is much more simple than Google Analaytics and does not require any code to be inserted in your blog.

Google is constantly improving and it recently introduced a Blogger stats. It enables you to monitor traffic to your blog. The source of the traffic, the country from where the visitor had come, the individual popularity of your posts, page views by Browser and OS and lastly a very cool graphical dashboard.

Steps to enable Google stats for your blog.

  1. Login to your blog.
  2. Just go to Blogger in Draft, and
  3. You'll notice a new "Stats" tab in your blogger account.
If you see following tab in your account it means stats is enabled.

So enjoy information on your blog.

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