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Facebook security tips!

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Today I found an interesting thing about facebook. If you regularly visit facebook and forget to sign off then you may be in a great risk. Following may be the reasons.

  1. Probably Facebook stores your account information in Cookies.
  2. These cookies are automatically deleted once you log out.
  3. If you directly close the browser window those cookies do not get deleted (Ideally they should be deleted but in the case of Facebook it looks like that's not the case)
  4. One way to check is to close the browser window and again visit Facebook you will notice your are automatically signed in.
  5. The risk is if multiple people use your computer they will directly access your account and personal information.
Few tips to avoid security threats.
  1. Logout once you are done.
  2. Clear browsing history every time you are done with your internet surfing.

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